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ESG: Beyond Going Green

Socially responsible investing, also known as impact or sustainable investing, has come into focus in our changing world. At the center of socially responsible investing is choosing investments that are more in alignment with your personal beliefs. We have an in-depth conversation with you to identify what is truly important to you. We can then tailor your investment portfolio to incorporate your values while still targeting growth to reach your goals.  


Protection and conservation of our world 

  • Company’s carbon footprint  
  • Efforts to reduce pollution 
  • Disposal of hazardous waste 
  • Conservation of natural resources 


The social impact a company is making on our communities 

  • Company’s stance on LGBTQ+ and diversity issues  
  • Charitable efforts 
  • Labor standards, worker relations 
  • Community outreach 


Analysis of leadership and operations of a company 

  • Diversity of the board and individuals in  leadership roles 
  • Stockholder rights 
  • Political contributions 
  • Potential corruption or illegal practices